This is goodbye. (for now)

A notice from Interplanetary Media Consortium's President:

This isn't usually a conventional means of how I reach out to you. Normally, I write a column on our blog.

However, this time is different, and I'm coming to you directly with a heavy heart, and even bigger news.

On March 10th, 2020, I made the difficult decision - given certain situations and reasoning provided to me over the past few weeks - to suspend Interplanetary's activity indefinitely. We began as a simple concept in 2014, and ever since then, we've been going strong under many different names.

Sadly, though, all great things must eventually come to an end.

Any accounts or sites we've created as a group will remain in an archived state for posterity. Those accounts will not be updated. Many factors played into this decision, but no matter what, it's best we press pause for now.

It's been an ABSOLUTE honor to serve as the president of this talented group, and to have collaborated alongside incredibly gifted folks over the years. I look forward to each of our future endeavors, no matter if we choose (or not choose) to come back!

Signed and posted, for now and the distant future:
Slade, President of the Interplanetary Media Consortium

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